Washington D.C. | Fuji 400H | Shooting Film


These images bring back the humid embrace of summer, the ninety-some degrees weather and array of sunshine and rain storms. It’s been three months since I took these film images in Washington D.C. These are the perils of shooting film– tucking away the finished rolls in some corner and forgetting all about them for months. But then again, this is also the delightful surprise of shooting film and forgetting about the images for months!

Thanks to Richard Photo Lab for processing these images and scanning them to perfection. Being reunited with these images makes me fall in love with film all over again.

Mona and her amazing roof deck overlooking Dupont Circle.

We stopped by 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

And walked through the Smithsonian arts & crafts museum.

The day before, Steve and I hit up some of the iconic military monuments, Iwo Jima and the Air Force monument.

And a visit to the Vietnam War Memorial. The architect Maya Lin is kind of a personal hero of mine.

Thanks again, Mona for hosting me in DC! And Mayline for bringing us out there to shoot your wedding. And to everyone who hung out with me in the area (Steve, all the photogs who got together in Maryland, Debo, and anyone else I forgot.)

Technical note: all of the above images were shot on Canon EOS3 using 35mm Fuji 400h film.