Defining Movement, defMo | Multicultural Dance Photography


Defining Movement, a.k.a. defMo, is an amazing multicultural dance group at Duke University. In college, I used to love photographing their performances. In fact, a defMo show was my first official paid photography gig. I always wished I could dance that well, but I was pretty content with leaving the dancing to defMo and photographing them instead.

While I was at Duke last month, it also happened to be defMo’s 10-year anniversary, and many of their alums spanning all ten generations were back on campus for the showcase. It was so great to see friends I didn’t even know would be there, and of course it was awesome to watch defMo perform and even to snap a few frames, just like old times!

Guest performance from an Irish riverdance team

And a guest appearance by Sabrosura, the latin dance group

The grand finale, in which the alums from generation one all the way through the current members in gen 10 all performed:

DefMo hanging out at the Dillo

Shenanigans at the after party

With Paul Yen on the BC Walkway