Cambria | California Coasting, Part 2


Part of the joy of not doing too much research before a trip is the pleasant surprise of experiencing a town like Cambria for yourself. It was charming to say the least. I rushed over from Hearst Castle because I wanted to make it to the Tea Cozy before it closed at four. When I arrived all in a tizzy, I was led out to the back garden, the perfect setting for a proper afternoon tea if there ever was one. I watched the hummingbird buzz around the feeder, I sat back in my iron wrought chair, and I tried to soak it all in, over tea, scones, and little salmon and cucumber sandwiches.

After tea, I went just down the street and checked in to my room at the Cambria Palms Motel, the perfect refuge on my trip. It was simple, clean, and stylish with its midcentury modern vibe.

I did a bit more wandering about Cambria:

Finally, after another dose of the California coast and expedition to visit the elephant seals, I headed back into town for dinner at Robin’s. Incidentally, Josie, my server from the Tea Cozy, was also working her second job at Robin’s that night!

Upon arriving back at the motel, I stepped out from my back porch and hung out at the fire pit with three random guys from Los Banos who were in town to build a winery. It was a nice way to wrap up day one of a beautiful road trip.

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