San Simeon | California Coasting, Part 3


Elephant seals, black angus cattle, and beautiful horses. I had no idea my road trip would quickly turn into a menagerie of interesting animals. After checking in to my room in Cambria, I drove, windows down, back up highway 1 to pay another visit to the Pacific Ocean. As trite and car-commercial-like as it may be, there is something incredibly soothing about coasting down a two-lane highway with the ocean to the left and golden fields and hills to the right.

Just a couple miles south of the Piedras Blancas Light Station and north of the turnoff for Hearst Castle, there lies a little cove where all the elphant seals like to while away their days. These are serious masters of laziness, as they just lie in the sand like beached whales.

Ocassionally the funny-looking elephant seals flip some sand, make some funny noises, or lazily spar each other.

Cruising southward again on the Pacific Coast Highway, there are many beautiful ranches on the east side of the road. I decided to say hello to some of the cows and black angus cattle and the lovely horses. The lighting was gorgeous and golden.

One last stop at Hearst Park.

And that concludes day one of my California Coasting road trip. It’s kind of incredible how much one day can contain, isn’t it?

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