Pasadena & Alhambra | California Coasting, Part 8


I visit the Los Angeles area almost once a month, sometimes for work but most often for no reason at all. I treat it like my second home. Kevin is not only my friend and business partner, but he and his wife Jenny and our other friends in LA are like family to me. So of course their house was my main destination for my California Coasting road trip. Most of the time, I just set up shop and do as I would when I am home– work and eat. And of course there is plenty of time to enjoy the awesome Southern California weather and see some beautiful sights as well.

I grew up a Michigan football fan, and we made many trips to the Rose Bowl, but I never realized the Rose Bowl was the actual name of the stadium. It’s quite quaint in person.

Jenny, Kevin, and Jon went for a run along the Arroyo Seco Trail. I took pictures.

And now we transition to the food. I eat a little too well when I’m in LA. The series below: Lette macaroons, Yogurtland (always), beef noodle soup and all sorts of other great Taiwanese food, Tender Greens in Pasadena, and eating in!

Finally, a pair of exciting new additions to our team: Canon 5D Mark IIIs. Unfortunately, one of these was totally dysfunctional, so we had to return it for a new one. The one that I have is quite amazing though. I am in love. And of course the next few blog posts will all feature images from these little gems!

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