Cliffs of Moher | Ireland, Part 3 of 3


It rained that night, the second night of our rail tour in Ireland. We had just completed our loop around the Ring of Kerry, and just as we got back to Killarney, the rain came down. We ran under the hotel awning. Back in the hotel room, I swapped my cloth Toms for wellies (rain boots), and I headed back out with Mitha to do a bit of exploring. Of course, as with every time I put on my rain boots, it had already stopped raining.

On day three of the rail tour, we were “collected” (as it said in our pamphlets) from our hotel and driven in a small van to the bus station for our Cliffs of Moher tour. We got a giant yellow tour bus for the day. First, we were driven through the town of Limerick, and then on to Bunratty Castle.

Bunratty Castle is set up as part of a little historic village, where the thatched roof houses still burn peat that leaves a distinct scent in the air.

It was still damp all morning with a couple sprinkles of rain here and there. It certainly did not make medieval castle living seem very appealing.

The rain in Ireland is a matter of course. The frequent sprinkles are what make the greenery green, after all. But there’s nothing quite as glorious as seeing all those greens lit up by the sun and cast against bright blue skies.

We stopped in this small town for lunch as our last stop before heading to the Cliffs of Moher.



The Cliffs of Moher– the highest sea cliffs in all of Europe. Best seen on a sunny day!

Standing at the edge of the earth.

Then on the way to Galway, a brief stop at the Burren, made of granite.

We happened upon the Lord Mayor of Galway getting some sort of photo op with a bunch of motorcyclists?

And finally, we hopped on a train back to Dublin that night.

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