Reveal | Boudoir by Anna Wu Photography


The beautiful woman below is a close friend of mine. You may or may not recognize her, but she wrote me an email this morning that helped me to reflect on the courage and vulnerability that is revealed in any boudoir shoot.

In truth, it takes an incredible amount of courage to reveal ourselves– in the literal sense¬†when getting in front of the camera and in deciding to let the images be shared– but also figuratively. When we reveal a bit of our true selves, we are often riddled with anxieties about the judgment of others, especially our families and closest loved ones. But the absolute hardest part of the battle is not with them. It’s with ourselves.

Can we embrace our selves, our own bodies, and all that is tied to them? These are not trivial undertakings, but I’d like to imagine the images below to be an inspiration for each of us to take a step in that direction.