Best of 2012: Personal Posts

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I had another wonderful year packed with travels in 2012. From the middle of the California desert to the countryside of Ireland, it’s been a great slew of adventures, small and big. Revisit it all below:

Love in Philadelphia

Salton Sea


Play On, Philly

Philly Cheesesteaks

Valentine’s in New York City

Duke Reunion

Defining Movement

Find Your Paradise

Alamere Falls

Golden Gate Bridge Fireworks

Cali Coasting Part 1: Hearst Castle

Cali Coasting 2: Cambria

Cali Coasting 3: San Simeon

Cali Coasting 4: San Luis Obispo

Cali Coasting 5: Santa Barbara

Cali Coasting 6: Ojai

Cali Coasting 7: Ventura

Cali Coasting 8: Pasadena

Cali Coasting 9: Orange County

Cali COasting 10: La Jolla

Cali Coasting 11: San Diego

Missing TAF

Summertime Seattle


Ireland 1: Dublin & Drogheda

Ireland 2: Ring of Kerry

Ireland 3: Cliffs of Moher

Pennsylvania & Ohio

Second Thanksgiving

And that doesn’t even include all ten times I visited Los Angeles in the last year or the three trips I took to Vegas! Here’s to even more adventures in 2013.