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I am very excited to launch this new series on my blog– wedding vendor spotlights. Since I first stepped in to the wedding industry over five years ago, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many amazing people who have not only done great work for their clients but who have also gone above and beyond to create a better experience for everyone involved. I wanted to create this series to introduce you to some of my favorite vendors and to share a bit of what I think sets them apart.

This first spotlight will be a little different, because it is our own sister company. That’s right–full disclosure– I co-own this company! But I figured this would be a great way to kick off the series and set the stage for even more awesome spotlights to come. Enjoy!

Seaglass Cinema
Wedding Videography
San Francisco & Los Angeles, California

What is your style?

We love the notion of sea glass– old glass tumbled by the ocean– for its rough edges made smooth or the ordinary made extraordinary. Our style is polished, with a simple elegance. It is not glossy or manufactured to perfection, but instead, it is beautiful in a raw and seemingly effortless way. We hope that each film we create is a unique piece that can be treasured for years to come.

Where are your favorite places for weddings?

We are lucky to be based in both the San Francisco Bay Area and in Los Angeles, and we also travel all over the country. We are constantly inspired by the new settings we find ourselves in. The joy is in learning our couples’ unique stories and being able to retell them in each of our “real life movies.”

What wedding trends are you loving at the moment?

We love that more and more couples are falling in love with videography and learning the value of cinematic storytelling. As much as we love photography, we strongly believe that cinema offers a completely different dynamic of storytelling. Through the added dimensions of audio, motion, and time, we are able to create an entire immersive environment that you can share and revisit for years to come. We are very excited to have more and more couples join us in this wonderful adventure of videography.

What do you do for your couples that sets you apart from the industry?

We are storytellers. We love to tell your story– not just of your wedding day, but also of you and your love for each other. We love to get to know you in order to craft a portrait of all those little things that make you unique. We won’t stage fake scenes or expect you to fit into a cookie cutter template of the day. We combine artistry with technical skill in every portrait we create.

Also, as mentioned in the introduction, we are sister companies with Anna Wu Photography, and together we offer combined photo & cinema collections. We both have very similar approaches emphasizing a fine art aesthetic with an undercurrent of photojournalism and storytelling through both photo and cinema, and we absolutely love working together.

Becky & David | 07.01.2012 from Seaglass Cinema on Vimeo.

Magali and Sam | 08.27.11 from Seaglass Cinema on Vimeo.

Seaglass Cinema is based in both Northern and Southern California and also available for travel. Visit for more information.