Ballerinas on Pinterest | Pointe of View


Every Monday, I feature an image and backstory from my Pointe of View series.

Last week, I introduced some of the amazing hair stylists and makeup artists who have helped my vision for Pointe of View come to life. I already had a general aesthetic and a style in my mind that I wanted to create for the series, but the best tool for helping me refine and visualize the style of my shoots was actually Pinterest. Pinterest is an online app that allows you to “pin” images, often for inspiration or ideas. It’s become very popular in the wedding world, but I have used it far more for my ballerina shoots than anything else.

My boards changed slightly for each shoot depending on the location and the dancer, but overall, the style stayed very consistent. This was by far the most effect way for me to communicate my vision to all of the stylists and the dancers who participated in the shoot from various places all over the world.

The rather unexpected piece of this was that it actually helped to shape my photography and not just the styling and the preparations for the shoot. There’s no better way to envision an aesthetic than to lay it out visually, after all.

If you’re curious, you can see my Pointe of View pinterest boards below:

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