Hair & Makeup | Pointe of View


Every Monday, I feature an image and backstory from my Pointe of View series.

This post is dedicated to the talented hair stylists and makeup artists who have created all these beautiful looks for the ballerinas. I personally tend to be very minimalist (lazy?) about my own hair and makeup, so I can understand the tendency to view styling as an “extra” rather than an essential to photo shoots.  But over the last couple years and especially in the course of creating the Pointe of View series, I have really come to see hair and makeup as central to crafting an aesthetic. It has absolutely made all the difference to work with professional stylists to bring my vision to life, and I am so lucky to have worked with some of the most wonderful people in the industry on this project.

Much like finding my dancers through facebook, I resorted to finding my hair and makeup artists much like any bride would– by searching sites like WeddingWire or Yelp and checking out the stylists’ websites. Not every shoot had professional hair and makeup, but the majority did. So please enjoy some behind the scenes photos and plenty of before & after makeover shots below! A full list of participating hair stylists and makeup artists is included at the bottom of the post.

Thank you to all of the participating hair stylists & makeup artists!

PrettybyJulianne, San Francisco, CA
Intertwine Hair Design, San Francisco, CA
Teresa Reynolds, San Francisco, CA
Bellamina Makeup, San Francisco, CA
Monique Woolley, Los Angeles, CA
Daileny’s Hair and Makeup, Las Vegas, NV
Aimee J’Adore, Portland, OR
Vanity Pham, Seattle, WA
Bride Style Beauty, Chicago, IL
Krystal Compston, Cincinnati, OH
Makeup Designs by Christine, Cincinnati, OH
Makeup for Your Day, Raleigh, NC
Denise Hutter, Raleigh, NC
JAC Beauty, New York, NY
Fuschia Make Up, Drogheda, Ireland

Blush, Washington D.C.
Le Mariee, Washington D.C.

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