Eating Through New York | New York, Part 3 of 3

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Following my posts on Manhattan and our excursion to Blue Hill at Stone Barns, we continue the New York love with more ventures across the boroughs in search for good food. In fact, this post revolves almost entirely around food, so if you are very hungry or hate looking at food, consider yourself warned. Join me as we eat our way through New York!

First, a Filipino restaurant called Krystal Cafe in Queens.

Those purple yam pastries were the best. After dinner, we went to SriPaPhai in search of mango sticky rice, but after we were finally seated were told that they had both sold out and would not serve us only dessert. So then we continued on to Ayada Thai where we acquired the desserts to go… and then ate them out of the back of the car. Mission accomplished!

On Sunday morning, I headed to Brooklyn to meet up with my friend Jen. She and Clay have an amazing apartment with spectacular views of Manhattan.

Jen and I took a stroll down the Brooklyn Promenade and ended up under the Brooklyn Bridge at The River Cafe, which just so happens to be her wedding venue for this fall! I cannot wait!

Next up, Jesse joined me in DUMBO for Smorgasburg!


It’s a food festival crammed into an old abandoned tobacco warehouse. And it’s delicious.

After a nice sunny picnic, we headed even further into Brooklyn and stopped by Brooklyn Fare and a beautiful flower shop.

Back in the Wall Street area downtown:

An image from my Monday morning visit to the 9/11 Memorial.

That evening, a lovely sushi dinner at Sushi Azabu.

Afterward, drinks at the Tribeca Grand.

Last day of the trip was an encore of our Japan trip. First we met up for tea and desserts (before dinner) at a Japanese tea house called Cha An.

Drinks at the Bowery Hotel:

And then it was time for the finale, Bohemian New York City. We had eaten at the original Bohemian in Tokyo, so I had to experience the New York version as well!

Tiffany and Hagan were the first to arrive.

The food at Bohemian New York was definitely much more western fusion style. The uni croquette and mac n cheese pretty much summed that up. It was all quite delicious, if completely different from Bohemian Japan.

Ting & Jason and a familiar guitar motif.

Jesse and me.

And this is what happens at the end of the meal.

Thanks for another great trip, New York. Til next time!

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