My Portraits by Hannah Suh Photography

Every Monday, I feature an image and backstory from my Pointe of View series.

Despite the amount of time I spend with cameras, I seem to spend very little time in front of the lens. I have been meaning to update my headshots for a very long time now, but it took my Pointe of View book to really make me do it. I had finished putting together the entire book, and it came down to the author photo on the last page. I had no recent photos that really fit the bill. And so I contacted two of my favorite wedding vendor friends, and they helped piece this together for me!

Behold– hair & makeup by Julianne Chai of Prettyologie and all photos below by my friend Hannah of Hannah Suh Photography. Thank you both for your amazing work! You both made this so easy, I think I might not wait another couple years before the next round of photos.

Thanks again, Julianne & Hannah!

If you’re reading between the lines, yes! The proofing draft of the Pointe of View book has been completed… I have sent it off to the printers for proofing, and after any final edits, the book will be ready in about a month! Almost there!

 is a ballerina series by Anna Wu Photography. The raised over $12,000 in a month. If you didn’t get to order your copy of the book yet, sign up here to be notified when more copies are available for purchase.