Pointe of View Finale, New York City

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As promised, a full post from the Pointe of View party in New York City! Major thanks to everyone who has supported the project through and through. We had a wonderful celebration at 39 Lispenard, with help from my boyfriend Jesse, party styling from Hannah of Hanalulu Co., and photography help from my friend Shang. Extra thanks go to Thomas and everyone who stayed to help with cleanup after the party as well! Enjoy some highlights below:

Jon was such a wonderful host, giving us free reign of his gorgeous TriBeCa apartment at 39 Lispenard.

Hannah did all the styling for this party, which was extra awesome since I just arrived that morning on a redeye from California. She based the design on many of the elements from my previous party in San Francisco, but she also came up with these beautiful strung carnations to decorate the huge wall of windows by the entrance.

Thanks to Shang of Shang Chen Photography for taking photos throughout the event– including this image of me on the right!

The table at the entrance had a lovely spread of framed photos for auction– congrats to those who won!

Lexi, of the famous Silk and Steel photo (and many others), came along with two of her ballerina friends. And Jesse had fun with an Instax camera, which you can see in various stages of development below.

Godwin had a nice moment in the Eames chair.

All the food and drinks were taken care of by Jesse.

Pointe shoes in the bathroom!

And I had a great time seeing friends, old and new. It was actually Juliana’s birthday that day, and Emily is just in New York for the month on a rotation.

Thanks again to everyone who came!

And special thanks again to Shang and Hannah for all your help.

That’s it for my Pointe of View Monday series! The book is still available in the online store, so order your copy before the last 40 run out!

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