Camel Rides at Sunset | Sam Sand Dunes | India Travel Photography, Part 3 of 5


We continue on day two of the incredible wedding in India. On the wedding itinerary, it said simply, Sunset at the Lalhmana Sand Dunes. We all piled on to a bus and headed out from the palace, not knowing what to expect. I spotted some camels on the side of the road as we drove by, and slowly the idea crept into my head that we might be getting on some camels…

Sure enough, as soon as the bus stopped, we were pulled by the camel’s keepers straight onto the animals, and suddenly there we were, riding camels into the sunset. Have I mentioned how surreal this whole India trip was? It still doesn’t seem like this really happened.

Camels for everyone!

We were like a little camel parade into the sand dunes.

Meet my new camel friend.

Shadows in the sand.

Itty bitty person in a big landscape.

And then, we ran down the dunes and were greeted by another surprise… a dance party in the desert.

DJ sound system and everything. This wedding was full of crazy moments.

A little dog was hanging out on the sand dunes too.

That’s not a giant falcon though… it’s a kite.

So, that was the time we rode camels in the Indian desert!

Anna Wu is a wedding and portrait photographer based in San Francisco but often jetsetting around the world. Follow her on facebook for more photography and travel adventures.