Friends, Flowers & Food | Los Angeles Travel Photography


In the beginning of November, I hopped down to Los Angeles for just a couple days and just hung out with some friends, enjoying low-key delicious meals, playing board games, and even putting together some floral arrangements just for fun. Here’s just a little glimpse from my visit.

Flowers from our LA Flower Market trip. I conveniently had some dusty purple-gray nail polish to match our purple cabbage find, and Pei was decked in a red dress to match these red brushy plants as well as purple nails to match those flowers. Jon also coordinated in gray…

Creating your own floral arrangements is not that hard! First, we unwrapped everything and removed all the lower leaves.

And then we just chose flowers and trimmed them to length for the vessels as we went. We did lots of adjusting as we went and actually ended up sticking with mostly purple and greens with only a splash of red in one of the jars. Pretty!

Jon plays some Avicii for Kevin and Jenny’s niece, haha.

Day two, homemade breakfast at Jon’s! Duck fat eggs and kale mix with a side of guava cheese rolls from Porto’s Bakery.

After much shopping at the Korean butcher shop, the Korean grocery store, and Costco, we had gathered all the necessary ingredients for a home cooked tabletop Korean Barbecue night. Jon preps some jalapenos.

Kevin made an anchovy side dish.

Priceless facial expressions from Jon and Pei.

Cooking out on the back patio! This setting might look familiar from last year’s Second Thanksgiving feast at the Yauhaus.

Theresa ponders: bacon scented air fresheners?

The puppy party! 2-year old Bella and 6-month old Latte became instant friends, running around the entire night.

They definitely stole the show.

And on the final day, Kev made use of extras from Korean BBQ and made kimchee fried rice and awesome steak. Jon also whipped up some kale & romaine veggies.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for Jenny & Kevin’s annual anniversary shoot, which was an at-home edition this year. And many more travels to come.

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