Jenny & Kevin’s Third Anniversary | At Home with Food & Board Games | Los Angeles Lifestyle Photography

It’s our little tradition to document Jenny and Kevin’s love story and to create a beautiful leather album every year. For this, our fifth shoot together, we opted to document a slice of their lives in their first home together, which we have lovingly dubbed the “Yauhaus” (after their last name, Yau). We started with a kitchen and food-themed portrait session and then added a board-game-themed shoot out on the back patio. It was like doing what we always do at the Yauhaus, but photographing it beautifully too.

Kevin does all the cooking in this relationship, while Jenny does all the cleaning. It makes for a great symbiosis.

On the menu for today (it’s always like a freestyle session for Kevin): kale salad with shaved parmesan and cherry tomatoes, a chicken risotto with asparagus, and a bread pudding for dessert.

Kevin’s awesome raw denim Railcar apron is a gift from some friends.

The final result looks perfect for an afternoon siesta in Napa.

Part two of the shoot was all about the board games! Jenny and Kevin have amassed quite the collection of games over the years, from recognizable classics like Settlers of Catan to their obscure favorites like their current game of choice, The Castles of Burgundy.

Childhood regression!

They drew the Yauhaus, with the Chinese character for Yau. How cute!

And my favorite! Look at all those games!

Congratulations on year three! Here’s to many more to come. Thanks to Jon and Pei for coming along on this shoot– they’re invisible pieces to this Yauhaus family too. And thanks to Pei for filling in on some hair and makeup duties too!

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