Matthias | Art for Art | San Francisco


Since the beginning of 2014, I have been working on my year-long personal project, Art for Art. Once a month, I find a fellow photographer whose work I admire, and I photograph them; they photograph me. View the full set of previous shoots in the series here: Art for Art.

October’s shoot was with Matthias.


Our Styles

Anna: Matthias has a great, natural style. I see a lot of similarities between our images and the way we like to use light.

Matthias: I’m a friendly engaging adventurer. My style is light, elegant, genuine. Basically a smile at 85mm f2. Anna is thoughtful, genuine, creative, measured.

mg_08 mg_09

mg_19 mg_43

The Shoot

Anna: It was really fun to meet at a part of the Presidio that I hadn’t been before. We took turns photographing each other. Matthias likes to rapid-fire his shots, and I’m definitely a lot more conservative with my clicks. But I always love seeing how different photographers do things differently, and I love the end results on both ends!

Matthias: I had a blast. I enjoyed the opportunity to enter a beautiful scene both as the subject and the artist. I also enjoyed the chance to talk about our methodology in the middle of actually taking pictures. Its one thing to do so in theory around a table, a very different experience to do so in the midst of trying to capture and create beauty.

mg_24 mg_28_bw

mg_29 mg_30


mg_20 mg_38

mg_47 mg_56

Lessons Learned?

Anna: I am reminded of the rewards of exploring new locations. This time, we were rewarded with magical golden forests! I had a great time working with Matthias and chatting about things photography- and non-photography related too.

Matthias: Hmm. I take a lot more pictures at any given shoot than the average photographer. But I already knew that.  It can be really fun to have your picture taken. I’m glad I tell my clients it should be fun; it actually is.


 Finally, a few of my favorites that Matthias took of me:






Art for Art is a monthly personal project in which Anna and a fellow photographer photograph each other. See the full series here.

Anna Wu is a San Francisco wedding photographer often  around the world. Follow her Art for Art series and professional work at and on Facebook.