Thanksgiving in Tiburon


I got to spend this past Thanksgiving with my friends Dan and Paul, and Paul’s whole family. It’s actually a bit of a Thanksgiving tradition for all of us (or various combinations of us) to gather together in California. Though Paul is from Cupertino, his parents now live in Singapore, so they rented a home in Tiburon where we could all have Thanksgiving together.  Great views, great weather, and great company! So much to be thankful for. =)


I went with lots of baked goods for my contributions to dinner. A loaf of bread made from scratch, three dessert tarts, and homemade ice cream too.

tksg_01 tksg_02

Dan preps his deli spread.

tksg_09 tksg_11

Paul cradles my bread-baby and Becky butters up the turkey.

tksg_10 tksg_12

Such a beautiful day in a beautiful setting.

tksg_14 tksg_17


A silly little card game, Deer in Headlights.

tksg_23 tksg_22

Paul’s parents collected a bunch of wine bottles with vintages in the years Paul and Becky were born. At this point, it’s becoming more difficult to get a drinkable bottle (and not a wine that’s turned to vinegar) but they still have a few bottles left, and Becky had to very delicately extract the cork from each.

tksg_31 tksg_29


Then it was time for the feast!

tksg_36 tksg_35

tksg_39 tksg_45

tksg_46 tksg_49

tksg_62 tksg_40

Such a beautiful spread!


And just as quickly, we were all stuffed and left to recover on the couch…

tksg_64_bw tksg_63_bw

Or out on a beautiful nighttime stroll in Tiburon! Such a gorgeous view across the bay to San Francisco.



Paul and his mom tried really hard to find a lighter for Dan’s birthday candle but had to resort to an app instead. Happy Birthday Dan!

tksg_77 tksg_79

And we ended the night with ice cream and a discussion of whether lychee-bacon would be a good idea or not. You never know! People do say bacon goes with everything. =)


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