Bay Area Adventures | July, 2018


July was a month well spent with family and friends. Since we attended my cousin’s wedding in Vancouver in the middle of the month, I had my mom, aunt, and cousin in town for part of the month as well. And of course I filled in the rest of the time with plenty of mini adventures when I wasn’t busy working! We kick it off with tea time with my friend Amy.

We tried to go to Shelldance Orchid Gardens, but they were unexpectedly closed, so we stopped by Flora Grubb instead.

The tail end of my 100 Bay Area Gems scouting! I visited the Jelly Belly factory up in Fairfield for their free tour.

Fourth of July picnic at Rachael’s.

And our monthly Office of Accountability meeting, where we set goals and check in on them, or just play with foster kittens.

I delivered Allie and David’s wedding album to them in person! It was great to see them and catch up a bit. See their album here.

Another Bay Area Gem: Old Borges Ranch in Walnut Creek.

The final gem of the series: San Mateo History Museum in Redwood City.

Conveyor belt hot pot at Seapot with these fine folks!

So much delicious food.

Such an expert conveyor belt-grabber.

Montalvo Arts Center.

A little pit stop in Monterrey on my way down to Big Sur.

Delicious lunch at Soba Ichi.

Ramen with my aunt and a Vietnamese place with my mom.

Afternoon tea snacks at my aunt’s house.

Korean BBQ for Pauline’s birthday! And her friend brought a homemade pineapple cake too. Impressive.

Lobster with my mom and brother.

Guess what fruit this is? If you said pineapple, you’d be wrong! It’s yellow watermelon. :)

Amy is in town! Lunch at Kuma Sushi + Sake.

And a serendipitous gathering of various friends visiting SF. Connie and Sue Anna ran into each other at the elevator because they were both attending the same job fair for law school students even though they go to schools on opposite sides of the country!

The rest of the crew (minus Sue Anna who took the photo). TAF friends plus some of Amy’s other friends.

Back at Seapot for round two, this time with my aunts and cousin.

They wanted to check out Stanford’s campus, so off we went! This also happens to be one of my Bay Area gems.

We even found this adorable cactus garden with all sorts of wacky plants.

And that was the end of July! I’ll check back in with more adventures next month.

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