A Couple Days in Vancouver


I headed to Vancouver with my mom and other family members in order to attend my cousin Teh’s wedding. In fact, this was the first time I’ve ever been the family at a wedding, not the photographer or a friend. It was a quick couple of days in Vancouver, and since I’ve already visited a couple other times I wasn’t very ambitious with my touristing. But I ate a whole lot of great food and enjoyed the time with family. See the travelogues below:

Stop one, as soon as we got in, I made my way over to Science World to reunite with two of my friends who work there! The last time all three of us were together was on our grand European adventure in 2015.

Science world is kind of like Exploratorium meets California Academy of Sciences, to reference some Bay Area museums. It’s pretty fun!

Afterwards, I met up with two of my cousins (also visiting from the US) over on Granville Island.

Then the easiest way to get back downtown was to take this little boat taxi across the water. Fun!

We walked over to the Vancouver Art Gallery and checked out the exhibits.

A whole floor was dedicated to an exhibit about cabins! It was actually pretty interesting.


Oh hey! I’ve stayed in this Tahoe A-Frame. And now here it is in a museum in Canada. Plus a spread that looks like it came off someone’s instagram stories, but is actually printed on the wall.

Very grammable.

And then we went over to my cousin Teh’s apartment. He’s the one who was getting married, and he is very into guns. We debated gun control in his hallway for almost an hour before we moved on to the next activity.

… which was to visit the Gas Town steam clock. It sang a little tune for us (and all the other tourists looking on).


Then we met my cousin’s fiancee Nina and her best friend for some pizza. (L-R: Vanessa, Nina, and my cousin Walter).


Finally, back in the hotel that night, with the whole family entourage.

Wedding day! We headed to Hycroft Manor using an interesting Chinese taxi service since there is no Uber/Lyft in Vancouver! It was truly a strange experience to be without them. This was such a beautiful historic venue.

The groom and his groomsmen.


Theresa and I went exploring.

And then it was ceremony time! As I’ve mentioned before, when I’m off duty my goal is to just stay out of the way, and since they requested no photos during the ceremony, I didn’t take any!

So we skip forward to the post-ceremony photos. Here’s another cousins photo! The cousin on the right is our youngest cousin, visiting from Taipei.

And finally, a glimpse of the bride and groom before they head out in their limo.

A couple hours later, a Chinese banquet over in Richmond.

That last photo is a little terrifying, haha.

Sunday brunch, we reunite for some dim sum and are joined by the newlyweds!

And then a final meetup before we all started flying out or heading to the next destination… I met up with David and Annie for some bubble tea, despite the fact that we all live in the Bay Area. Haha, always good seeing friends, wherever we might be!

Congratulations Nina & Teh! Thanks for inviting us to be a part of your celebration!

Stay tuned for part two, as we ferry over to Victoria, on nearby Vancouver Island!

Anna Wu is a wedding and portrait photographer based in San Francisco. She compulsively documents and blogs all of her daily adventures. Follow her on instagram and view more of her professional work at annawu.com.