Luciana & David | San Francisco City Hall Wedding


The universe conspired together with Luciana’s sister Paula and her friend Augusto to set up this incredibly sweet love story. Luciana and her sister Paula live in Brazil, but Paula was visiting San Francisco when she unfortunately injured her back and was sent to emergency spinal surgery. Paula was on the next flight out. Wanting support in speaking to the doctors in English, Luciana called her friend Augusto to accompany her to the hospital. Luckily, everything went smoothly for Paula, and she has since made a full recovery. Meanwhile, Augusto insisted to Luciana that he had a friend here in California that she should really meet. The same friend that just a couple months before had been told about Luciana but had skeptically turned down the meeting. Somehow, this time around, they both agreed to a simple dinner party.

David says he fell in love with her within the first two hours. She says it only took fifteen minutes.

They spent much of the next three days of Luciana’s time in California together, and by the time she had to fly back to Brazil, David had already booked his plane ticket to go visit her there. And so it began. They flew back and forth, taking turns visiting each other in this whirlwind international long-distance relationship, until Luciana suggested perhaps David should just come live in Brazil. He thought very hard, for a whole two minutes, and agreed. He was moving to Brazil!

One and a half years later, they returned to San Francisco together, the place where it all started, to be wed. They have each been married before and neither had expected to find such a beautiful romance at this time in their lives. Knowing how quickly time passes, they were eager to begin the rest of their lives together. See some highlights of their beautiful day below.

Walking down the street because our hotel block was surrounded by climate change protesters that day!

We made it to City Hall, where they had reserved the beautiful Mayor’s Balcony for the ceremony. Luciana’s nephew walked her down the aisle.

David, seeing his bride for the first time as she walks down the aisle, with his daughter Jessica by his side.

The couple each said the sweetest vows, spoken on the spot from their hearts.

And then they were wed!

Afterwards, we roamed around City Hall for some portraits.


And then we headed over to Crissy Field for a few more photos to commemorate the day.

Incredibly sweet. Congratulations, Luciana & David!

Anna Wu is a wedding and portrait photographer based in San Francisco. She combines a “fine art” aesthetic, with a photojournalistic approach to beautifully and intuitively capture the moments of a wedding day. She loves a simple elopement as much as an elaborate party. Special rates for City Hall weddings are available.¬†View more of her work at