The Museum of Ice Cream & Other Adventures


I’m back with another monthly recap! Here’s a look at my October in the Bay. We start it off with an accountability meeting, in which we feign being Victorian ladies who swoon instead of running businesses.

Love Meg’s beautiful home!

On a Thursday afternoon, Brianne and I went to the instagram-bait Museum of Ice Cream in San Francisco. We had too much fun and were the last people to leave every room.

Floating head Bri and no head Bri, hahah.

They made us make up ice cream names. I’m Vanilla Spice.

Very fun. Thanks Bri!

The next week, I attended a Duke women’s event, The Future is Female Founders. It was hosted at West, a venture studio that works with companies on both brand strategy and providing capital.

A beautiful spread by Ripen.

A panel of inspiring women founders: Joanna Rees, Managing Partner at West; Julie Corbett, Founder of Ecologic Brands; Hannah Sieber, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at EcoflowTech; Anjali Bhatia, Founder of LashBee (and a million other companies); and Christal M. Jackson, Founder of Mosaic.

And although I didn’t take camera photos all the other weeks, this was the final week of my six-part oil painting class! Here’s the finale painting I finished over the last two classes. I’ve come to love the medium of oils but don’t love the fuss of having to deal with extra solvents and create a lot of waste with extra paint and a million paper towels. I’m continuing to experiment with oils in my little home studio setup though!

A lunch reunion with my elementary school friend Jen, who just moved to SF! And a reprisal of some #annatifftime before my orchestra concert.

I had such a great cheering section for my first orchestra concert in eleven years! I played violin through college but then stopped completely, and my instrument and my skills slowly deteriorated over the intervening years. I only recently saw a posting from the Oakland Civic Orchestra inviting new members to join, and I figured I would at least ask about the audition process to see if I might join eventually. Turns out, no auditions! So I went ahead and joined. I definitely did not pick up where I left off, but I am so happy to have a reason to play violin again and love the challenge of actually having to practice and being glad to do so. Thank you to all these friends for coming to support this little venture of mine!

We celebrated afterwards with all you can eat Korean barbecue. :)

Next, October’s paint club meeting was generously hosted at Glassybaby by Pam, whose husband Ryan works there.

She gave us a little tour of the hotshop where they make all the hand-blown glass votive holders.

Such beautiful products!

And a beautiful space!

Looking over the shoulder at Fernanda (La Tinta Studio)’s painting.

My illustration of a collection of vessels found at Glassybaby.

Pam‘s palette and the corner of a house portrait in progress!

Lizzie and her always incredibly detailed paintings, this one for Inktober.

And Stephanie was working on work projects for Bowerbird Atelier, hand painting some acrylic escort cards and signage.

Thank you for taking our group photo, Spencer! Spencer is very tall, haha.

And last but not least, here’s my little Taiwan fruit tea outing with my cousin Theresa. Deelicious. I’m always happy to have more Taiwanese eats around here.

Bye October!

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