Eating through San Gabriel Valley

At the end of our Joshua Tree trip, we went ahead and stopped by Alhambra for lunch since we had to go through LA to drop off Courtney anyway. Oh, how silly, because I would be back two days later to photograph Emily & Adithya’s wedding! But in between, I had to go back up to the Bay Area in order to attend my orchestra rehearsal and oil painting class. Despite the inefficiency, it all worked out beautifully. I drove our six hours back up, and then I retraced my steps by flying back down in just 45 minutes.

First up, Lunasia for dim sum with our Joshua Tree crew! And (not pictured) Tea Station right after.

Back for the weekend, a new (to me) noodle place, Mian. Steamed egg, Chengdu zhajiang mian (two eggs because Kev doesn’t eat eggs), and the complimentary mung bean soup as a drink. So good.

For dinner, we ordered in some Korean food from Oo-Kook.

Dinner scene at the Yauhaus.

Taiwanese breakfast the next morning! Huge Tree.

Lunch: dumplings! From Hui Tou Hsiang. And Half and Half bubble tea plus peanut soup.

More Yauhaus scenes.

Here’s Pei with her hairstyling services in preparation for the Yaus’ family session!

Lunch in Chinatown at the very delicious new Taiwanese food outpost, Lao Tao. Loved this and bought their enamel pin to help me think happy thoughts of Taiwanese food.

Clockwise from left: beef ban mian, rub a belly, popcorn chicken, bok choy salad, cucumbers, Taiwanese sweet sausage, and wontons in chili oil.

Afterwards, Alice, Vince, and I headed to The Row DTLA for some window shopping.



And back to the Yauhaus for a couple more days at home with the Yau fam.

Here are some goodies from Jenny’s mom: wax apples, guavas, and I foraged three tiny pomegranates from down the street, but they were gross and rotten inside. :(



A little excursion to the mall with Kevin and baby Erin who was home sick with a mild fever. More noodles! And dessert at Meet Fresh. I’ve since realized we also have Meet Fresh locations here in the Bay, which is delightful.

A wonderful, low-key, delicious time down in the San Gabriel Valley. Thank you so much Kev & Jenny for another wonderful stay at the Yauhaus!

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