Bay Area Adventures | April, 2019


It’s time for another monthly recap! I was in Iceland and Switzerland for half the month, so here are my adventures from the other half of the month back in California!

The day of our departure, Cassie and I first attended our monthly Office of Accountability meeting. It was quite the lovely send-off!

Upon my return, it happened to be the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japantown. I met up with Amy, Pamela, and friends and walked around the area (along with a ton of other people and their cute shiba inus).

My other friend Pamela hosted an Easter BBQ (but not for Easter) in her back yard! They just got these quail glasses for a steal from an estate sale. They thought the glasses were all damaged but it turns out they were just dirty.

Look at this tiny hummingbird’s nest! They’ve already left the nest. And this gorgeous rose from Pam’s garden.

Pam’s husband Ryan made his special Shenandoah Valley chicken, a recipe from his childhood. It was so good!

Next, I saw that there was a free event involving llamas…. so naturally I was there! I picked up Amy and we visited Bookshop West Portal for their Independent Bookstore Day celebration.

Amy meets her first-ever llama! So cute.

Of course I’ll take an alpaca over a llama, but these guys are cool too. Chai was especially soft and cuddly.

Next, Taiwanese food part one and part two! Yes, we did dessert first at Meet Fresh. And then we had noodles at House of Pancakes (not to be confused with IHOP).

Afterwards, I met up with Whitney and Ryan for drinks at El Techo… and post-drinks at Boba Guys.


Next, it was time for our monthly paint club meeting! Back in Pamela’s garden. I pulled out my oil paints for the first time in months… I’ve almost forgotten how to use oil paints already.

Pam with her pretty French gouache set.

Fernanda working on some patterns. My two mini oil paintings.

And the whole crew!

And finally, a lovely meeting with my Design Your Life ladies. We did the Enneagram test! I’m a 5w4 if there are any Enneagram enthusiasts out there who love chatting types.

Til next month!

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