The Sketchbook Project

Some time last year I discovered The Sketchbook Project, a global art project that invites people to purchase a sketchbook and returned it filled with their artwork for permanent exhibition in The Brooklyn Art Library. I jumped on board for Volume 14 of the project, then let my sketchbook sit blank for nearly a year before doing anything about it. But at the end of January, I filled all the pages and shipped it back!

Of course I think the sketchbook is best experienced in person, so if you are in New York, please feel free to go browse my book and others in person at 28 Frost Street in Brooklyn. The call number for my book is 366.3-7. In addition, Volume 14 is going on tour! Scroll to the bottom of the post for the planned tour cities.

I also opted for digitization so my book is now part of the online library. However, the scanning quality is ok, and the images are tiny with no way to zoom in. So again, it’s better to visit the book in person! But in lieu of that, here’s a video flip-through and some of my images for the rest of you.

Thanks for indulging my little arts and crafts project!

The Sketchbook Project

Visit my sketchbook in the online library.

Visit my sketchbook in person in Brooklyn– call number 366.3-7.

Or catch it while it’s on tour!
Brooklyn, NY | Boston, MA | Providence, RI | St. Petersburg, FL* | Washington D.C | Richmond, VA* | San Francisco, CA* | Los Angeles, CA*
*Please note: These cities will be a selection from the Vol. 14 collection, however it will include all the VOL. 14 books from artists in those states.


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