Hourglass | Boudoir by Anna Wu Photography


I am absolutely delighted to share this beautiful boudoir session today. W wanted to do this boudoir session as a gift to herself and to her new husband for their wedding. See a few of the photos below and hear from W herself describing the experience from beginning to end!


Did you always want to do a boudoir session? What prompted you to consider one?

No! I had no idea what it was until my friend mentioned that she’d recently been inspired and done one prior to her wedding. She was someone I never would have thought would do it, so the fact that she raved about the experience made me consider it seriously. When I thought about it more and as the time got closer, I saw the multi-functionality of it: a gift for my (new) husband that he would NEVER expect and pictures of myself in a great light (and great wedding body) that I would have forever! Win-win.

What were you worried about going in to the session? How did it turn out?

I was worried I wouldn’t really know how to be photographed — how to be a model. I was paying good money for the session so I wanted to optimize for the output. I was also worried about certain areas of my body not looking so great.

Anna was super laid back and made me feel very comfortable being almost totally (sometimes totally) naked. She was great at telling me how to position myself to get the best angles — so I didn’t have to know anything there. In fact, I learned some posing tips that I used for pictures on my wedding day (in a G-rated, way). Using the whole 2 hours we had so many (too many?) different options to select from. Afterwards, Anna worked SUPER fast to turn my pictures around and get me my book before our wedding!

How did you feel about your experience? What would you tell other women about doing a boudoir session? Anything they should consider?

I didn’t expect I’d love being the subject of the photographs as much as I did — especially when you see how amazing they look when taken with a good camera and a good photographer! I ended up purchasing ALL the photos just to have, because why not?? You’re spending all this money around your wedding anyway, why not go all in on the things that will last forever?

My friend who had done the session before me told me that she wished she’d shown more skin… and actually ended up going back for a second session because she wanted to push herself. With that in mind i just sort of went for things. Searching around on Pinterest and other boudoir photography sites is super helpful for inspiration! I definitely recommend doing that — it gave me quite a few ideas that I knew my husband would love. I also went to the Korean spa the evening before to get a full scrub and just reminded myself how comfortable it is walking around naked! That got me in the mood and comfortable for the shoot (and hopefully a little less cellulite!)

Thank you so much for sharing with us, W! It was an absolute delight to work with you to create these beautiful images.

Boudoir by Anna Wu Photography is soft, beautiful, elegant, and always tasteful. It is less about seduction and more about intimacy. Together, we find that balance between vulnerability and courage in front of the camera. It is an incredibly empowering experience and a beautiful celebration of your self and your body. Contact me to inquire about a session.