Empowerment | Boudoir by Anna Wu Photography

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This was such a beautiful and soul-affirming session. V had never considered doing a boudoir session, thinking she would never be interested in taking such revealing photos. But I am so happy that she saw a boudoir session on my website that changed her mind completely about what boudoir can be. Far from being scandalous, my boudoir sessions are celebrations of our bodies and opportunities to find empowerment in revealing ourselves. And they are always, of course, tastefully photographed.

V gifted these images to her fiance as a surprise but also as a gift to herself as an exercise in empowerment: pushing beyond her own comfort zone and documenting her body as it is now.

Thank you to V for sharing a few of her images below.

Here’s a glimpse at the “Little Black Book” we created as a gift to her fiance.

Boudoir by Anna Wu Photography is soft, beautiful, elegant, and always tasteful. It is less about seduction and more about intimacy. Together, we find that balance between vulnerability and courage in front of the camera. It is an incredibly empowering experience and a beautiful celebration of your self and your body. Contact me to inquire about a session.