Melbourne, Australia


Melbourne! I first visited Melbourne three years prior on our whirlwind tour through New Zealand and Australia. My time in Melbourne was brief but wonderful. This time, visiting Australia with Alex, we had different work schedules which meant that he arrived in Melbourne three days before me, we then took off for our road trip of the Great Ocean Road, and we continued on to Sydney where I stayed for three days longer than Alex. So, the trend continues with my time in Melbourne being brief but wonderful. I’ll have to return for a longer third visit soon!

We chose to stay in the neighborhoods of Carlton and Fitzroy. Very cute and colorful, full of shops and restaurants.

Our Carlton Airbnb.

First dinner: Marion Wine Bar. Great start to my trip.

And cocktails at the speakeasy-like Everleigh.

Gelato at Pidapipo.

The next morning, it was time to take off for the Great Ocean Road. But first, coffee and pastries from the local bakeshop!

Baker D. Chirico. Beautiful and delicious.

Insert Great Ocean Road adventures here! And here’s the airbnb in Fitzroy where we stayed for the second part of our Melbourne trip:

The famous Lune Croissanterie, a bakeshop that looks kind of like an industrial Apple store.

Lunch at Cibi, a Japanese restaurant and home goods shop. Loved it.

Then we went shopping around Fitzroy. We bought the top beach mat pictured here! I need more excuses to go use it.

Next, Alex’s surprise for me, the Rain Room! This was most popular several years ago as one of the first ‘instagrammable museums’. It’s since traveled around the world to many locations, and this was the most recent one, in Melbourne! Very fun experience.

As you enter the space, sensors detect you and pause the rain from falling on you. But if you move too quickly or if you’re too close to someone else, you’ll still get rained on! It was actually quite a lovely experience to move slowly around the space and have plenty of time to explore and take photos.

Next, a visit to the beach houses of Brighton Beach. They certainly brightened up this grey day!

I found my perfect house to match my new seagull sweatshirt I picked up from a shop in Fitzroy!

And just like that, we were already on our last night in Melbourne. Drinks at Romeo Ln.

And dinner at Cumulus.

On to Sydney next!

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