Christine & Bobby | Wedding Album

Every wedding album is a bit of a time capsule, but it feels extra special to be able to look back at Christine and Bobby’s wedding, which happened in 2020 before the pandemic. Mere months ago, we were still able to have full, un-distanced weddings! What a world. I’m so glad these two were able to have their celebration, and now they can always look back on it in this beautiful, tangible, print format.

Christine and Bobby selected an aqua silk cover for their albums, with their names and wedding date debossed on the front of their medium-sized album, plus two minis for the parents.

A look at the 6×6″ mini and the 10×10″ album.

So fun to look back at these images! Congrats, Christine & Bobby!

Anna Wu is a wedding photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Custom wedding albums are available to all of Anna’s wedding clients. Contact her┬áto get yours started today.