Home, Home, Home | October, 2020


It felt like we were pretty settled in to pandemic life in October. We focused most of our energies on sprucing up our home and rotating between the three places we have around the Bay in San Francisco, Cupertino, and Oakland. One of the biggest developments was that our furniture that we ordered back on July 4 finally arrived! Here’s a look back at the month:

Moon cakes and afternoon tea for Mid-Autumn Festival. Plus, we adopted a second rubber tree! The first one was from my friend Kait and the second was from a neighbor.

Chats with Lauren and with Talya

We visited the newly reopened SFMOMA when it was members-only. Only half the exhibits were open, but it was quite empty with very few people around. Lovely to be back. Of course, it’s since closed again with the surge in Covid-19.

Cassie’s housewarming gift from Courtney (plant) and me (planter, by La Tinta Art). We had a socially distanced backyard bbq at Cassie and Michael’s new home with Courtney and Jackson.

Behind the scenes on details for one of my very few weddings in 2020. Plus, writing letters to potential voters as part of Vote Forward.

October Accountability meeting, with a guest appearance from Baby G!

Fall garden babies: lots of leafy greens, including this kale we sauteed with bacon.

Down in Cupertino: Taiwanese breakfast, and assembling furniture.

Accountability Happy Hour

and Lean In Happy Hour. Dialing in from: Cupertino, New Zealand, Marin, Singapore, New York, and Seattle.

New library books! And a test of Samin’s buttermilk chicken recipe. Yum.

A little visit from Yifan. Plus, amazake rice pudding from Cultured Pickle Shop in Berkeley.

A look out at the ongoing park construction.

Madeleines! My first attempt using my new madeleine baking tray that I acquired from the Cerf Club sale.

My goodie bag rom Do-Hee’s trip to Korea. And a visit to the sustainability-driven cafe, Mudlab in Oakland.

Assisting Cassie on a back yard Indian wedding!

The very exciting development when our couch we ordered back in July finally arrived… but first we had to move our existing black leather couches down to Cupertino.

More Asian food in Cupertino! And Egghead Cafe.

Our first in-person Paint Club since February. Socially distanced in Pam’s back yard.

Walks around the neighborhood.

Ta-da! New couch!

And new bookshelf, a.k.a. Alex’s zoom background.

Our plants were busy making new leaves. Maybe fall is spring to them here in San Francisco.

Made pink daikon pickles from our radishes from Shao Shan Farms. Also, afternoon tea with persimmons.

We voted!

Back yard brunch at Cassie’s.

Behind the scenes with this cast of characters! Plus, picking up fabric from Stonemountain & Daughter.

Picking up chrysanthemums (for tea) from Gaby of Lunaria Flower Farm.

Back down to Cupertino again! There’s more Taiwanese food down there in South Bay, so of course I must take advantage. Tiger Sugar brown sugar boba. Plus, I invented my own laptop stand.

And that wraps up the month in the Bay! We also took a small road trip down to Paso Robles, so that will be in a future post to come.

Anna Wu is a wedding and portrait photographer based in San Francisco. She compulsively documents and blogs all of her daily adventures, even in quarantine. Follow her on instagram and view more of her professional work at annawu.com.