Bay Area | February, 2021


February. Almost one year later, still living the pandemic life.

Our Office of Accountability has new swag! Thank you for designing these, Do-Hee!

A walk at Fremont Older Preserve in Cupertino.

Neighborhood blossoms.

Cassie and I started a weekly Chinese conversation hour to practice our Mandarin! We just talk about random stuff, or use questions off this list of 100 topics that we googled.

Paint club tries random mediums.

Dumpling party with Cassie for Lunar New Year.

A special LNY gift set from Taiwan Bento.

Valentine’s Day blooms from Do-Hee! By Rito Ito. Everyone should be so lucky as to get friend flowers just because! <3

Pink Valentine’s set from Pintoh Thai in Oakland.

A giant donut cake for a dog… and some regular sized mochi donuts for the humans.

Sunset at the GGBridge.

And last but not least, Alex and I went uni foraging with Cassie, Michael, and their dog Rusty! It was pretty fun, even though the uni were on the small side. But Cassie’s strategy of just poking around until something poked her back proved rather effective in locating the purple sea urchins. 

Starting at Maverick’s Beach in Half Moon Bay.

Thanks Cassie for calculating the low tide times and telling us exactly what to bring and do.

Urchins! These purple sea urchins are out of control, eating all the kelp forests up and down the California Coast, and decimating red urchin populations (the ones we usually eat as uni), so there’s no need to feel bad about taking a few. You just have to register for a fishing license, and you can take up to 35 per person. We actually went home with about 6 per couple.

These two were the uni forager pros. I just took pictures. And Rusty looked on with great concern.

We watched several youtube clips on how to open the uni, and I very meticulously cleaned them. For one lovely bowl of uni bucatini.

A lovely month. More to come.

Anna Wu is a wedding and portrait photographer based in San Francisco. She compulsively documents and blogs all of her daily adventures, even in quarantine. Follow her on instagram and view more of her professional work at