Bay Area | September, 2021


It’s time for the September recap! We began the month with our accountability meeting, this time at Cassie’s house.

With Do-Hee joining online.

Dinner with Alex at Nari in Japantown. We visited pre-pandemic but wanted to come support it again. They now have a prix fixe menu, which we opted for.

So delicious! Maybe a tad bit on the spicy side for me personally, but I fully support it being as spicy as it’s meant to be!

Still receiving and cooking our biweekly CSA box full of Asian veggies from Radical Family Farms. Purple themed with long beans, eggplant, and purple basil in the first photo. And A-cai + celtuce (different parts of the same plant) with eggs in the second.

Reunion meal with Do-Hee, back from Korea, at Dumpling Time! I forgot to take a picture of the people.

Dinner at my aunt’s with my two cousins and their partners.

Picking up our CSA in Potrero Hill.

Weekly check-ins.

More CSA veggie creations.

Saturday mornings at the Ferry Building. And homemade beef noodle soup.

Dinner with Dan & Jeri at Abacá, the new Filipino restaurant in Fisherman’s Wharf. So good!

Then! Big life achievement the next morning! My very first race, ever. The SF Giant Race! It was my first time running a 5k. I trained solely based on Peloton running programs. You start the race running around the inside of the stadium, then run to the Ferry Building and back, and you end on the field!

The start… and skip to the end! My only goal was to run continuously, however slowly, so goal met! Slow but steady. 

Afterwards, you get to go line up for photos on home plate. We’ve been to this ballpark many, many times now, but this is the only time we’ve gotten to stand on home plate!

And we ran amok in the dugout, pretend-calling the bullpen too. Our race prizes included a medal, a hat, and a Yaz bobblehead. Alex got one of the lucky signed bobbles!

All very fun, would do again. Which is good, because Do-Hee signed us all up for a 10k in December now.

Sunday wanderings around Pac Heights.

We have been fish-sitting Do-Hee & Josh’s betta fish named Midnight for the last 8 months while they were out of town. They came over for Thai food and brought these Korean sweet pancakes (hotteok) that they made. And we sent Midnight back to his actual home. Those are also a bunch of plants that we were plant-sitting. Everyone has gone back to their actual homes now.

Wearing our race hats to the Giants game, where they clinched their playoff spot!

Brene Brown book club with the Lean In ladies.

Another day, another ballgame. Crazy Crab sandwiches!

And our first time having friends join us!

Check-in with Miss Daisy. And Kayla.

Bakers Box, a collection of 18 incredible pastries from Asian American bakers around the Bay Area. Very fun and tasty!

More check-ins!

Monthly check-in with Whitney in NY.

And insert a whole trip to Ohio/Kentucky here. But when we got back, we had a call with David where he went over backup strategies and methods with Meg, Cassie, and me. Very excellent presentation.

Finally, one last game before we headed into October. Featuring former Giant Madison Bumgarner, back to pitch against us, to a standing ovation. Plus former/forever Giants pitcher Matt Cain in the stands!

And ending the month on our Anna Tiff time chat!


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