Jasmine & David | Destination Surprise Proposal in Moss Beach


What a delight to capture this beautiful proposal for Jasmine and David. They met through a Taiwanese summer camp that I also attended for a very long time, so I was delighted to be a part of this surprise. The premise: a roommates’ trip for the group of five from Chicago to visit the San Francisco Bay Area. They rented a vacation home overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Moss Beach. To be honest, Jasmine sort of knew the proposal was coming.  But there were other surprises in store!

All day, the skies threatened rain. But it all held off for the evening.

Jasmine and David arrived back at the vacation house, with an immediate giveaway that something was up. Balloons on the inside, and flowers from Wildflower Studio on the outside!

But of course she was delighted to say YES!

And then, around the corner… a whole bunch of friends! Many of whom flew in from all corners of the country to join the surprise.

And two more important surprise guests– Jasmine’s parents had also flown in.

So, they were not dog-sitting back home after all, haha.

So sweet!

And they topped it all off with a “she said yes” cake from Butter&.

Congratulations, Jasmine & David!

Anna Wu is a wedding and portrait photographer based in San Francisco. She loves a good proposal, surprise or not. Contact her to inquire about your own proposal plans.