Bay Area | June, 2023


June recap! Here are a handful of our moments around the Bay Area. First, dinner at Camper in Menlo Park.

We walked around town and stumbled upon Abraham Vergese’s book talk at Kepler’s Bookstore. Also found this fun Lonely Planet book called “Where to Go When” that recommends travel destinations based on the month! Pretty handy.

Alex and Amy went on a bike ride while I went on a photo session, but we met up for dinner at Cinderella Bakery first.

Got borsch, and then walked down the street and saw this book in the window, haha.

Browsing the Friends of the San Francisco Library sale.

Got some vinyls and a couple baseball books!

Pride month with the San Francisco Giants.

Grace and Danny joined us for a game!

We got tickets for this 4-top table, which came with credit towards concessions. Pretty fun, would do again!

Climbing at Benchmark with Cindy and Vince.

Or rather, Alex went climbing while I worked on my knitting project– a drawstring bag for my mahjong tiles.

The three of us girls wanted to go for a massage date, so we left the baby with Uncle Alex, haha. They both survived. The houseplant has a bit less dirt than it started with, but that’s ok.

Cherries from Alex’s parents’ back yard! Which I turned into a very delicous cherry cake…

… for Jeri’s birthday! Happy Birthday Jeri!

Monthly accountability meeting

Cassie and Leo came with me to see Bouquets to Art at the de Young Museum.

Florists are invited to select any piece from the museum’s collections to inspire a floral piece of their own, and all of these works are on display for just a couple days.

Very cool! The baby did great too.

He took a nap while we had lunch, but woke up just in time to have some noodles too.

Rainbow nails, and still working on my knitting at the ballpark!

Insert Texas trip here! (Dallas + Houston). And once we landed back at SFO, we took a rideshare car straight to the Valentes’ for Mahjong night! Cassie’s parents were in town, and her mom made us these crispy snacks too.

Mahjong club has added an ultrasonic cleaner to its amenities, haha. Here’s Steph with her newly cleaned glasses and Cassie polishing up our jewelry too.

Stephanie and John found their own mahjong set at the Alameda Point Antiques Faire! It’s an American set that came in a tin box and is made of bamboo and bone. 

Fun and not so fun snippets from an errand-filled day: lunch with Rebecca, and visiting the doctor with Alex because he hurt his leg playing softball, alas. Luckily he’s already much better now!

Trying three different bahtzang for Dragon Boat Festival.

A very funny event put on by the Giants for season ticket holders… a wine and food pairing with legit wine from Silver Oak, but the food was popcorn, pizza, and a mini hot dog.

It also happened to be Friends night, with this special Friends t-shirt featuring the Giants broadcasting staff.

Another day another giveaway, this time Aloha foodie shirts, so cute!

All part of the members appreciation events, then they let us on to the field to meet Lou Seal, and they had players handing out food and drinks… Austin Slater was giving out kombucha, and I got this hot dog from Mike Yastrzemski, haha.

And one more giveaway, tiki mugs of Kruk and Kuip, so fun, haha. And a lot of progress on my drawstring bag!

That’s it for June; stay tuned for whatever comes next!

Anna Wu is a wedding and portrait photographer based in San Francisco. She compulsively documents and blogs all of her daily adventures. Follow her on instagram and view more of her professional work at