Leo’s First Birthday

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A very happy first birthday to this tiny man! His parents decided to throw him a Costco-themed party to mark this momentous occasion! Hahaha, absolutely delightful.

Employee of the month every month, with his little hair net.

Attendees filled out a trivia quiz with questions about Costco and about Leo and his parents!

The prize: a rotisserie chicken. We tied with Courtney and Jackson on the number of correct answers, but they let us take the chicken, hahaha.

Then it was time for Leo’s zhua zhou ceremony, a Chinese tradition where the child is presented with a bunch of objects representing different careers/futures, and they pick one. But Cassie and Michael decided to choose toys that all represented real, obscure jobs that they have worked, such as a horse stall cleaner, a door-to-door AT&T salesperson, or an Easter bunny.

Leo first went for the cash register but then went back for the bunny!

Then it was time for a tiny, sugarless cake!

He really got into it.

So delightful.

With so much love, all around.

Happy birthday, little one! It has been an absolute joy getting to see you grow up, and I can’t wait to see what’s next for this you and your whole beloved family.

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