Emily & Chris | San Francisco City Hall Wedding

Emily and Chris met almost a decade ago, when Chris asked her out to coffee and she responded by saying she only drinks tea… it turns out that as a Brit he actually just drinks tea too. They were engaged in 2018 and had every intention of getting married in 2020 and doing a grand wedding tour around the world, having receptions for both of their families in London and Shanghai. But of course, that never happened, and after six years they decided to finally just be wed in the simplest manner possible, with two sets of friends as witnesses in San Francisco’s City Hall. Such a beautiful morning to celebrate a long awaited union!


Congratulations, Emily & Chris!

Anna Wu is a wedding and portrait photographer based in San Francisco, California. She combines a “fine art” aesthetic, with a photojournalistic approach to beautifully capture the moments of a wedding day, sun or fog. Follow her daily adventures on instagram and view more of her work at annawu.com.