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  • Four Hundred Miles

  • begin: east oakland. norcal suburbia- speedy highways and lots of strip malls. south bay- gas fillup, trader joe's and starbucks. gilroy and such- agricultural california. lots and lots of cows. very garlicky garlic town. pancheco- driving through gorgeous hills, cutting across to the 5. I-5- 2[...]
  • Where are the Oak Trees?

  • yes, i have a pressing question. this place is called oakland, and i've lived here for almost half a year now. but i haven't seen a single oak tree. i'm a photographer who's perpetually on a scavenger hunt... and i still haven't found one.WHERE ARE THE OAK TREES?it seems silly. maybe they'[...]
  • Into SFO

  • flying back to san francisco.the approach brings us low over the water. it must be the bay, though i have the familiar feeling that we're descending into the ocean. just as the plane is getting low enough to be certain that land must be near, i see these strange looking pools in the water. is it[...]
  • Travels

  • After a couple short trips out of town, I am now back in Cincinnati, Ohio. I thought I'd share a couple images from those recent trips. Chicago, Illinois (Dec. 29 to Jan. 1):Ming YoungBryan Liu Durham, North Carolina (Jan. 11-15):Paul YenDuke Symphony Orchestra cellistsTa[...]