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  • Maria & Ryan | Berkeley Lifestyle Photographer

  • Autumn in California may not be as dazzling or dramatic as the famed autumns of New England, but we still have some colorful trees sprinkled about, and whatever we may lack in leaves we certainly make up for with our beautiful, mild weather. The combination makes for a picture-perfect setting.On[...]
  • Cami & Eric

  • She teaches preschool in Arizona; he teaches high school here in California. They fly back and forth, often to meet back home in Seattle, sometimes for a vacation down in Mexico. But they are doing the long-distance thing, and doing it with grace. Even when Cami studied abroad in Italy, Eric still m[...]
  • Sierra & Steve

  • Wow. Are these two not gorgeous!? Sierra and Steve were married last month, and though I wasn't at the actual wedding, I was so excited to shoot this special session with the two. Steve and I taught at the same school last year, and we also shared a special connection since we grew up in neighboring[...]
  • Paul Yen & Stacey Blase

  • Paul Yen! Paul is one of my good friends from Duke. He was home in Cupertino for much of the summer but is about to move out to New York City. Whether he decides to go to Parsons for design or work in advertising, he'll also be ready for any acting gigs that come along on the side. He promises to se[...]