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  • Laura & Steve | San Francisco Wedding Photography

  • Laura grew up in Los Angeles; Steve grew up in New York; and they both landed in San Francisco, where they met, fell in love, and pledged to stay together forever. Day to day, she might be busy saving lives as a doctor while he is working his serious office job in tech, but put them together, and yo[...]
  • Amber & Ben | Buffalo, New York Wedding Photography

  • Amber and Ben first met at a bar in New York City, where he was donning a mullet wig and making ridiculous faces all night, but she somehow saw past all that and wanted to get to know him better. He soon won her over with humor and wit, and despite the fact that Ben was already in the process of mov[...]
  • Liz & Cameron | Marin County Wedding Photography

  • The California girl traveled to Sydney in search of a new adventure. She was vegan at the time, though that didn't last long when she started working at a steak house. It was there, at "Hurricane's" by Bondi Beach, living the beach bum life, that she would meet fellow coworker Cameron, who was also [...]