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  • Kristen & Matt | Stanford Engagement Photographer

  • Their love is sugary sweet, a simple syrup poured out to melt your heart. Kristen is gentle, supportive, loving, reserved. And Matt is open and earnestly romantic, passionate about everything he loves. They have an unbounded excitement for each other, constantly finding reassurance in each other's a[...]
  • Junghwa & Brandon | Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

  • There was no way around it. She was becoming anxious. They were running behind, and all the logistics of pushing back her hair appointment, changing locations, and moving people around were starting to overwhelm her. Junghwa made it through her makeup session by sneaking in phone calls between brush[...]
  • Melissa & Nori | Berkeley Engagement Photographer

  • Their courtship began in the middle of winter in upstate New York with a story complete with cute coffee shop, Nori trekking (on foot) across town and Melissa with a terrible cold, red nose, and high fever. Of course, from that cold, blustery beginning blossomed their immeasurably warm, loving relat[...]