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  • Foliage & Lobsters | Fall Road Trip to Maine

  • Beautiful foliage, delicious lobsters, cute towns, and we even happened upon an alpaca farm. Ahh, it must be fall in Maine. Maine has been beckoning me for a few years now, and Justin and I finally got to make our way up the coast this October. I headed over to the East Coast as soon as I had a brea[...]
  • Black Diamond Alpacas

  • ALPACAS! Squee! I have this thing with alpacas. They are funny looking and wonderful, and ever since spotting some in New Zealand, I've been seeing them everywhere. (Or partly seeking them out everywhere.) When one of my clients told about Black Diamond Alpacas in Brentwood, about an hour east of Oa[...]
  • Amber & Ben | Buffalo, New York Wedding Photography

  • Amber and Ben first met at a bar in New York City, where he was donning a mullet wig and making ridiculous faces all night, but she somehow saw past all that and wanted to get to know him better. He soon won her over with humor and wit, and despite the fact that Ben was already in the process of mov[...]
  • The Road to Milford Sound | South Island, New Zealand

  • New Zealand's South Island is incredibly scenic. It's the kind of setting that lends itself to descriptions like 'awe-inspiring,' 'spectacular,' 'resplendent.' It's almost too much to take in when you're actually there, when every turn reveals a different, equally impressive landscape. Now, in hinds[...]