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  • San Francisco Bay Area | September, 2017

  • I was actually in town for the entire month of September! And I have the photos to show for it in this very packed post! Continuing previous themes, I went on a bunch of Oakland walking tours, held a craft day, attended a beautiful wedding ceremony, and checked out a bunch of museums and gardens. Le[...]
  • Cindy & Jon | Hotel De Anza Wedding Photography

  • Cindy and Jon technically met in the second grade, as classmates and loose family friends in Katy, Texas. But they weren't all that close, and both their families eventually moved away from Texas. It wasn't until college that they reconnected through a mutual friend. And then, though Jon was attendi[...]
  • Mitha & Virag | Chicago Wedding

  • I was thrilled to be able to attend my friend Mitha's wedding in Chicago-- as a guest! I met Mitha in college, and we shared a memorable class senior year called Arts and Human Rights, which was taught by a law professor who was blind, but only some of the time. I also went on a trip to Ireland with[...]
  • Maxine & Justin | San Francisco Wedding Photography

  • Theirs was a love story already eight years in the making by the time we reached the afternoon of July first, 2017. Eight years since they first met at the library in college, and they each felt that first spark and yet took months to acknowledge it fully and start their lives together. They support[...]