Krystle Tugadi, Musician | Los Angeles Headshots Photographer

She’s got soul, she’s got style, and it’s no surprise that she’s on the rise. While a lot of musicians these days are going all-virtual with their webcam performances, Krystle Tugadi has taken it back to the stage. She performs live shows several times a week around her Los Angeles/Orange County home base. Don’t worry,…

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Behind the Scenes of Census 2010: Write in “Taiwanese” | Passion Project

It’s been a week since the Census 2010: Write in “Taiwanese” video debuted on YouTube, and it’s already garnered over 120,000 views. Produced by Slideshow Pictures in conjunction with at least seven Taiwanese American organizations, the public service announcement is part of a larger campaign to get Taiwanese Americans to self-identify on the US Census…


3 Shoots in 3 Cities in 3 Days | Bay Area, Los Angeles Photographer

Miles driven by others: 37 Miles flown: 390 Miles driven by myself: 150 ____________________________________ =577 miles traveled, and that’s just today. Sometimes exhaustion is the most gratifying feeling in the world. In that moment when you finally sit down and have a chance to rest, you can feel the very essence of gravity as it…

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tafLabs & tafMedia

I’ve been working this week at Taiwanese American Foundation, the summer camp I’ve attended since I was ten years old. I’m serving as part of tafLabs, a new program in which we develop projects to make awesome things happen in our community. To see some of the multimedia work we’ve been doing, follow out the…



Karla was one of our eighth grade students this year at United for Success. Back in May, by the light of the campfire on the last day of our school camping trip, Karla performed this poem. I was absolutely wowed, impressed, proud, inspired… The next week, back at school, I videotaped Karla doing her poem…

Ang Lee

ang lee defies categorization and baffles critics. the taiwanese/american filmmaker has created movies as divergent as sense and sensibility, eat drink man woman, the ice storm, and crouching tiger, hidden dragon, but he’s probably best known as the academy award-winning director of brokeback mountain. yesterday, i got to see ang lee in person as part…


my photo of will tiao has been published in liberty times. http://www.libertytimes.com.tw/2009/new/mar/8/today-fo5-2.htm if you happen to read chinese, you can even read what it says. of course, it’s not actually credited to me, but still, pretty cool.


Formosa Betrayed

my conversation with will tiao, producer of formosa betrayed, last week at duke: will: so, what are you doing next weekend? me: oh nothing. will: want to come be a second photographer for the premiere? me. uh, YES. and that’s how i made my way to the exclusive cast-crew-investors-only screening of the newly finished film….

ITASA Workshop

i’m not a public speaker (funny, i went into teaching…). so when i got the opportunity to present a workshop at duke, i decided to do as little talking as possible and just have the participants do stuff. create stuff. make cool stuff. interact! these are images from the “gallery talk” station. i provided lots…