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  • Spoon Carving for my Birthday

  • I love getting to kick off each new year with a little gathering of my friends as I indulge in a bit of a birthday celebration. Last year, we took a pottery class, while the year before, we threw a swanky party in the garden at my studio. This year, I riffed on the crafting theme as we headed back t[...]
  • Pottery Party

  • This year for my birthday, I opted for an interactive gathering: a pottery class! We gathered at Play with Clay in El Cerrito and dug in, pottery wheels and all. It was so much fun, I'm already plotting my next return to the wheel.I went with full traditional paper invites and everything, design[...]
  • Talya's Poem

  • This is for anyone who has ever felt not-good-enough; for anyone who has been frustrated by their own impossibly high standards; for anyone who struggles. My friend Talya wrote this little prayer for herself and posted it on Facebook months and months ago, and when I initially saw it, it just seemed[...]
  • Afternoon Tea at my Studio

  • Ever since I got my little office space this year, I've been hosting wonderful little tea parties for my friends and prospective clients. I recently fell in love with the idea of afternoon tea because of all the attention to detail and the care that it takes to put together all of the different trea[...]