DIY Modular Cake Stand Tutorial | Party Planning


Party planning is under way! I just wanted to take a quick break from shipping out boxes of to share a mini tutorial for a DIY project I did for the  next week. It’s a modular cake stand that is super simple to make and take apart, allowing for many configurations.

All you need is melamine plates, candlesticks, and sticky tack. Glimpse the project below, and scroll down for the full set of instructions.

Step One: I purchased three melamine plates in varied sizes from Target for less than $3/ea. They look great but are made of light plastic so they’re much better suited to this modular platter arrangement than a heavy porcelain plate would be.

Step Two: I also purchased two candlesticks for a total of $10.

Step Three: Using sticky tack that I had lying around, I simply attached the candlestick to the bottom of the plate.

Step Four: Thanks to the temporary, removable nature of sticky tack, you can stack these plates in various configurations to be desert platters, a traditional tiered cake stand, or you can even take it back apart to have a nice set of plates and candlesticks! Voila! 

Now I just have to start dreaming up the adorable desserts and hors d’oeuvres to go on these pretty plates!


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