Thanksgiving in Cincinnati | Ohio Travel Photography


From one holiday to another, here’s a glimpse back at my Thanksgiving week spent in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Homemade mixed berry tarts with almond filling!

And homemade bread, made from wild yeast starter which we learned to do in our Sour Flour workshop the week before.

Me & my mom at Thanksgiving dinner… and not pictured is Jesse who made most of the dinner!

Talya sang in an opera workshop, and she had a whole fan club there to see her, including her parents who drove to Cincinnati from New York via Pittsburgh.

Obligatory visit to Skyline Chili– Cincinnati’s inexplicably loved neon cheese over runny chili. Graeter’s ice cream is a classic though.

Dinner with Lauren at Quan Hapa (while skipping out on our high school reunion).

Followed by a visit across the street to Holtman’s Donut Shop.

Lauren doesn’t eat gluten, so she was content to smell the donuts.

On Jesse’s last day in Cincinnati, I took him to Jungle Jim’s, which is the craziest international supermarket you ever did see.

Jesse found a bottle of wine with my name on it, literally.

It’s like a combination playground and gigantic grocery store. I wonder how they manage to keep such a crazy inventory?

Choices, choices.

Music Hall — the site of many a symphony concert in my youth– and Over the Rhine, a once-dangerous-turned-hipster neighborhood.

Boutiques line the couple of cute blocks in Over the Rhine.

Brunch with my mom at The Rookwood, an old pottery factory where the kilns are now dining rooms.

And a visit to the Cincinnati Art Museum, where entrance is always free.

Inside, a scale model of the fountain at Fountain Square– the real one on the left, the model on the right.

I was really excited to see a Degas exhibit on display, but it was only one single room with a couple pieces.

So inspiring to see the original masters of ballet portraiture though!

And finally, a lovely dinner at Saigon Cafe, catching up with Karen & Alice!

Visit Cincinnati, Ohio:

Browse cute boutiques and eat in the hipster restaurants of Over the Rhine, including Quan Hapa and Holtman Donuts.
See the old brick architecture and catch a the opera or symphony at Music Hall.
Dine inside a historic kiln at The Rookwood.
Check out the exhibits at the Cincinnati Art Museum— admission is free.
Visit the super unique and entertaining international supermarket, Jungle Jim’s— now with two locations.

Anna Wu is a wedding and portrait photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area but often eating her way around the world. Follow her adventures on Facebook or contact her for a portrait session.