Bay Area Adventures | December, 2019


It’s time for December’s recap! So much holiday cheer, a Lean In retreat, and this post doesn’t even include our trips to Maui, Oahu, and Redwood National Park, all of which will come in future posts (hopefully soon-ish).

We kick it off with our monthly Office of Accountability meeting, hosted in Meg’s wonderfully decorated apartment, fully decked out for the holidays! I must note, I came to this meeting literally straight from SFO after my 15 hour flight from Sydney.

Chelsea is a very adorable Christmas tree.

Hazmo the cat is enjoying his advent calendar gift from our Friendsgiving secret Santa.

Next, it was time for our Lean In retreat in Pacifica. 

It was a rainy but wonderful weekend.

We paired off to take care of all of our meals, and we ate very well.

We planned this retreat to be near San Francisco specifically because Saira’s due date was the next weekend and she still wanted to leave open the possibility of attending. It turns out she had the baby 10 days before our retreat and STILL CAME with husband and baby in tow. They stopped by for a couple of hours, and Hasnain watched baby while Saira got to lead us through an exercise. So amazing and wonderful.

Happy Birthday Kristin!

Next, a little rainy day hike in our backyard.

And of course Grace got some bonus dog time, just like last year except not on the beach this time.

Rain boots on the beach. A great, underrated combination, actually.

Mila has never taken ‘jumping photos’ before.

Taco night!

We videochatted with Bri to get some updates from Singapore.

Then we had a heart to heart session with reflection and tears and motto-setting for 2020… in a cafe. I’m sure everyone else was wondering what a bunch of girls were doing writing in their journals and then crying together, but that’s ok! I’m so thankful for this group of ladies and so happy we got to go on this retreat together.

Back in San Francisco, it was time for our wreath-making workshop at Alex’s garden. Here’s our winter planting, including arugula and radishes.

Alex’s creation and my creation.

A very picturesque Christmas shopping situation.

We ran into Alex’s neighbors purchasing their tree as well, and they have the perfect car for it too.


Cafe Okawari.

The new wine shop downstairs. And a bit of wandering around Hayes Valley.

Upside down tea time at the Virgin Hotel’s Commons Club. So fun! I love a good afternoon tea, and this one was delightfully themed and boozy too.

A visit to Union Square.

And the Chase Center Farmer’s Market, which is modest but great, on Sunday mornings.

Warriors at Chase Center! We are pretty dreadful this year, but the arena is nice.

Cocktails at Hotsy Totsy with Stephanie.

We exchanged gifts early since we would be in Hawaii over Christmas.

Hers, his.

Brunch at 25 Lusk.

Holiday party at Sarah’s.

Family day with Alex’s family. Alex and I did this entire beach puzzle without looking at the answer key. It took a very long time.

Hot Pot at Courtney & Jackson’s. With a special coconut cocktail that Michael made.

Then we were off to Hawaii with our matching family of suitcases.

And back in SF for just one day before taking off again on a road trip up north! Here’s our brunch at Bon, Nene.

Tada! See you next month.

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