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Behind the Scenes of Census 2010: Write in “Taiwanese” | Passion Project

It’s been a week since the Census 2010: Write in “Taiwanese” video debuted on YouTube, and it’s already garnered over 120,000 views. Produced by Slideshow Pictures in conjunction with at least seven Taiwanese American organizations, the public service announcement is part of a larger campaign to get Taiwanese Americans to self-identify on the US Census…

Oh Multitasking

I love multitasking. I’m most at peace when I have ten projects going on at once, and I love tracking the logistics of it all. I constantly have too many tabs open in my internet browser and too many programs running on my computer. I love it when my calendar is full and colorful, and…


Adam Wang

Adam Wang is an actor based in Los Angeles. In fact, he’s the killer that James Van Der Beek is chasing down he whole time in Formosa Betrayed. And he delivers some great lines in flawless Mandarin at the end. While he was up here visiting the Bay Area, Adam wanted to do dramatic artsy…


Henry Chu

I seem to have let myself get backlogged with all my daily adventures! These images are from last week when actor Henry Chu came up from Los Angeles to do a second photo shoot with me. I met Henry over Thanksgiving dinner at Jon Lee’s; Henry’s one of the killers in Formosa Betrayed– Taiwanese American…


my photo of will tiao has been published in liberty times. http://www.libertytimes.com.tw/2009/new/mar/8/today-fo5-2.htm if you happen to read chinese, you can even read what it says. of course, it’s not actually credited to me, but still, pretty cool.


Formosa Betrayed

my conversation with will tiao, producer of formosa betrayed, last week at duke: will: so, what are you doing next weekend? me: oh nothing. will: want to come be a second photographer for the premiere? me. uh, YES. and that’s how i made my way to the exclusive cast-crew-investors-only screening of the newly finished film….