Light Writing

Armed with flashlights, cell phones, tripod, and my camera, we headed up the hill for some light writing fun. These photos always turn out super impressive because the camera documents what we can’t see in front of us. But it’s just physics! And all it really takes is a very slow shutter (as long as 20 seconds) and a vivid imagination.

la_2982_rt“Just dance around”

la_2989_rtStrike a pose

la_2976_rtCreepy ghosts

la_3004_rtAlli angel

la_3011_rtMeet Wat. He has an iconic name.


la_2990_rthahaha. Jon.

la_3007_rtCityscape. Night lights of the hills in the background.

After we were done with our night photo fun, we discovered that we had been locked in the park. So we hopped an 8-foot fence and ran down the street so we could make it to Pinkberry before it closed at 11pm.